Kitchen Cabinets

You need experts like Perth Cabinet Makers when it comes to creating a beautiful and functional kitchen. Our skilled technicians and installers ensure that you get a brand new look for your cooking space with gorgeous, elegant and sturdy fixtures. They are durable, stylish and complement your personality. You can save loads of money with us and it doesn’t matter whether you choose prefinished or unfinished cabinets.

Many of our customers want a storage solution that is well in their reach, literally. This is made possible with our round edged wall cabinets which make storing dishes, appliances, glassware, baking supplies, barbeque tongs, grills, coffee makers and more very easy. You can also choose from our base and tall varieties that make space for your pots, woks, frying pans and sauce pans, plastic containers and mixing bowls and what not!

Find the style that fits your needs and liking; it can be double doors, single doors, sliding panels, glass panels, free standing or stacked kitchen cabinets; the choices are practically unlimited. The finishes that you get with Perth Cabinet Makers are amazing too. You will find Painted, Vinyl Wrap, Gloss or Timber. So don’t hesitate, scroll further for more incredible space solutions


We are serving our clients with the following services:

#Making and installing kitchen cabinets

#Wardrobes and sliding mirrors installation

#Desk and Office fit-out

#Kitchen Bench top re-laminating


Other products:

#Postformed Bench tops

#Acrylic Bench tops

#Soft close drawers and doors

#Stone Benchtops

#Glass Splash Backs