Kitchen Benchtop Resurfacing

It does get difficult when you think about doing it from scratch but Perth Cabinet Makers come with mind boggling choices for you. Don’t remove the existing surfaces; rather just select one from the dynamic range of products to resurface without any hassle.

Granite or Natural Stone is one hard substance that is considered ideal for kitchen spaces due to its durability. It provides a certain character to your cooking space and with regular maintenance it will last you for years.

Marble is one of those luxurious surfaces that have a soft appeal yet provide a stunning look. With a little extra care and maintenance you can prevent this porous stone from staining, scratching and cracking. Our expert installers and craftsmen will educate you in sealing methods to maintain its beauty for years to come.

You can also go for Engineered Stone of which numerous varieties are available with us. We make sure that our inventory displays different natural materials, resins and/or polyesters to provide your kitchen with the best appearance. Many of our clients want the quartz based engineered stone as they are the most durable and easiest to maintain. Given that they come in a wide array of classical and modern colors, they make for incredible resurfacing options.

Now, if you want something that is available in numerous colors and can be molded easily, then Synthetic Solid Surfaces would be ideal for you. They do not show any joints in the slab and come in a variety of shades and patterns. They are built to be hygienic and any cuts and scratches can be repaired easily.

Wooden or Timber bench tops are for those who want a warmth and welcoming charm to their cooking space. Regular sealing prevents them from scratches and they look immensely beautiful when paired with marble or an engineered stone. Don’t forget that we at Perth Cabinet Makers offer cost effective options in all premium products. Go on, click ahead for more of our services.


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