Kitchen Benchtop Re-Laminating

Our Laminates have become very popular as we keep a rather broad color palette with us. What our customers get are some really awesome choices in terms of finishes, colors, patterns and textures. We provide an inexpensive and stylish solution to all your kitchen benchtop re-laminating needs. Laminates are made of multi-layered brown papers that are coated in resin. These are sandwiched together under high temperature and pressure.

A decorative and colorful layer forms the top which is covered with hard plastic. When you re-laminate your kitchen benchtops with our products, what you get is a hard, durable surface that’s water resistant, low maintenance, easy to clean and much more affordable as compared to what others offer. To add to their uniqueness and functionality, they can be easily molded and shaped by applying adequate heat and pressure to get those smooth and rounded edges.

So get the perfect color for your kitchen now. Hurry up before it goes out of stock, click away!


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#Kitchen Bench top re-laminating


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