Care and Maintenance of your Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Handy Tips for Care and Maintenance of your Kitchen Benchtop

All types of Kitchen benchtops require proper care and maintenance. Without proper maintenance, benchtops are prone to damage easily and their longevity diminishes. Wear and tear, negligence in cleaning, direct exposure to sunlight, improper care and utilization of harmful chemicals are the factors that can deteriorate functioning of benchtops.


Regular cleaning is necessary to protect against potentially damaging materials. Synthetic sponges can leave streaks on a highly polished surface and it is important to avoid these sponges. Check all Kitchen Bench top components and mops. A little attention is needed for longer life of granite or marble finish. To prevent damages such as scratches, marks and gouges, care and maintenance are equally pivotal.


Caesar stone Benchtops – Care and Maintenance


Composed of 93% natural quartz, surface of Caesar stone does not get affected easily as it is stain resistant, crack-resistant and scratch resistant. To clean Caesar stone surface, a non-abrasive cleaner, non abrasive soft bristle brush and Caesar stone branded cream cleanser can be an ideal choice. A little maintenance is required for Caesar stone benchtop. Damp cloth and warm soapy water are used to wipe the surface.


Tips to Care for Smart stone Benchtops


Smart Stone Granite Benchtops is perfectly suited for commercial and residential kitchen areas. It offers higher durability and comes with some of the most exceptional features such as chip resistant, non porous, mildew resistant and heat resistant. The blend of high quartz content and highly dense structure makes surface of smart stone non-porous and eradicates the need for any sealing. It is advisable not to place extremely hot items directly on the bench top surface as there is a risk of thermal shock in the slab. Utmost attention is primarily required in case of hairline cracks as they can reduce the longevity and strength of the bench top.


Smart stone requires little maintenance; pH neutral liquid detergent and soft cloth are used for cleaning them. For stubborn stains, a wet cotton cloth is ideally suited. There is a possibility of a color change, therefore, less exposure to direct sunlight is recommended. For longer life span of Smart stone, it is advisable to avoid exposure to paint strippers, high pH level products and excessive weight on bench top.


How to Care for Quartz bench-top


Virtually non-porous, Quartz benchtops are stain resistant and scratch resistant. No sealing is required and these bench-tops come with a warranty period (approximately 8-10 years). Like other bench-tops, water and soft cloth are best for everyday cleaning. Occasionally, you can use non acidic, non-alcoholic natural cleaner or gel and top-quality cleanser. Apply a small amount of cleanser to the damp cloth and clean the surface softly. For toughest stains, cleansers are an excellent option. Make sure that you do not use any harsh chemical.


Always put hot pans and items on a protected mat rather than placing directly on the bench-top. By using a cutting board, you can avoid unnecessary marks on the benchtop. If you have kids, you have to be extra vigilant. Never let them sit or stand on the benchtop. Whenever you notice liquid and food spills, wipe them up instantly. Evade hair spray, mouthwash, toothpaste and perfume. For a streak free finish, methylated spirits are the most superlative choice.


Marble, they also need special care:


In comparison to quartz, composites of marble  are delicate. Appropriate maintenance and care is vital. Clean it with detergent followed by rinse with clean water. A neutral liquid wax is useful in protecting the original shine. Cleaning them with products that comprise of abrasives and acids is not a wise decision because acids from various food products can damage the surface.


Repair, don’t forget about that!


Usually, most of the homeowners, electricians and painters consider benchtop as a ladder and a crack occurs due to this. A crack in the benchtop is hard to repair and it is crucial to get in touch with companies that have in-depth understanding of tools, materials and techniques to clean and repair the benchtops, make them stylish and give them a fresh look after cleaning and maintenance. Because of excessive wear and tear and knocking a cup or plate, chips or scratch can occur. A honed finish is great for high traffic area. Chips can also occur if you knock the edge of your benchtop. If you have benchtop in your home, never try to polish its surface.


Company like Perth Cabinet Maker in Australia that specializes in cleaning and maintenance of benchtops suggest homeowners not to use metal scrubbers and metal scouring pads. It is requisite to leave the repairing, cleaning and maintenance tasks to professionals like us. We can handle the maintenance efficiently without causing any damage to the surface of benchtop while saving money and time. We have been serving maximum number of clients with quality service, quick cleaning and maintenance services. Above mentioned tips are extremely handy if you want your kitchen benchtops to retain the look and feel you are expecting for your dream kitchen.


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